Official website of Shri Pant Maharaj (Shri Datta Sansthan, Balekundri)

श्री पंत महाराज (श्री दत्त संस्थान, बाळेकुंद्री)

Shri Pant Maharaj (Shri Datta Sansthan, Balekundri)

How to Reach Balekundri

How to Reach Balekundri

    Although the nearest railway station to Balekundri is Sulebhavi, the most convenient one is Belgaum. Belgaum is a big industrial city in North Karnataka. It is one of the main railway station on Pune-Miraj-Bangalore Rail Route. Belgaum has airport at Sambra, it's midway between Belgaum and Balekundri. Good hotels are available for lodging and boarding in Belgaum. Balekundri can be reached from Belgaum within half an hour by city buses which have a good frequency. There are two bus stops
    1.Balekundri and
    2.'Pant Balekundri' .
    The buses going to 'Pant Balekundri' takes you in the front of the temple while the other destination buses will drop you on the main road entailing 5 minute walk to the temple.

  • By Road

    By passing Pune and taking the Mumbai-Bangalore highway, the NH4, which has been 4-laned as part of the Golden Quadrilateral project. It will take exit at the highway near Belgaum.

  • By Railway/Train

    Chalukya Express is the train which you can catch from Dadar The stations from which you can catch the same express are KYN-Kalyan, KJT-Karjat, LNL-Lonavala, PUNE-Pune Jn, STR-Satara, KRD-Karad, TKR-Takari, SLI-Sangli, MRJ-Miraj Jn, KUD-Kudachi, GPB-Ghatprabha