Official website of Shri Pant Maharaj (Shri Datta Sansthan, Balekundri)

श्री पंत महाराज (श्री दत्त संस्थान, बाळेकुंद्री)

Shri Pant Maharaj (Shri Datta Sansthan, Balekundri)

Temple Information

About Shri Datta Sansthan

The governing body of the math of Balekundri is "SHRI DATTA SANSTHAN". It is a non-profit, religious organisation established by the brothers of Sadguru after his death to look after the day to day running of the temple and to conduct all the ceremonies. It was registered as a trust and all the rules and acts were decided way back in 1933 under the erstwhile Sangli Sansthan. In 1952 it was registered under the 'Bombay Public Trust Act'. The two main ceremonies it conducts at Balekundri are on Shravan vadya 8 (birthday of Sadguru) and Punyatithi on Ashwin vadya 3. The sansthan is involved in a lot of social work too.

The sansthan runs a school in the math complex. There is no proper school in the surrounding villages. Sadguru Pant Maharaj himself was a teacher and what better memorial for him would be than a school. There are plans to expand the school and house it in a separate premises.

For the convinience of visitors, there are rooms available to stay. These are built by donations of the followers and are given free of charge to the visitors who wish to spend more time with the Sadguru. The rooms are simply furbished but have all the necessary fitings. Food is free from the Yamunakka's kitchen, including dinner and a breakfast with tea in the morning.

Shree Pant's commandments

  • Never act contrary to social conventions.
  • One should observe all traditions, national, family and those connected with one's caste and creed without exception.
  • Shun all vices.
  • Never deviate from your devotion.
  • Always listen to Satshastra (scriptures) and remain in righteous company.
  • Be away from all means and ways that will rekindle and encourage passions.
  • Concentrate on things which you have realised by your own experiences.
  • Don't discourage a devotee in his devotion.
  • Be devoted to God with an attitude that the physical and abstract concepts of the divine are one.
  • Be absorbed in self-delight with an unperturbed mind, all the while fixing your attention on the feet of the Lord, and realising the truth of His doctrines every moment, with extreme self-awareness.